Aleph Design Team


D E S I G N - Max van den Hof

A unique design. Specific made for a special place. The material, texture are the merging elements between a vision and the design. Because of my expertise from the yachtdesign we are able to interclace designs untill the smallest detailling aspect. ALEPH has the opportunity to merge serveral disciplines together. Like audio, lighting, landscape and architecture. Nothing is one on it’s own. There has to be a mastervision even then it’s possible to succeed in producing timeless and beautiful designs. Our projects expertises are unlimited, from re-styling a basement, small theaters until a Labyrinth masterplan. ALEPH will offer you a design that suits from the conceptual vision until the the realisation.

A U D I O A N D L I G H T - Roy Hendriks

We go beyond just technology! Did you always had your own design in mind but could never find i t? Through our partnership, we are able to design a complete house, outhouse or particular space or just create and realize a unique fixture. Because we work in the early stages of construction specialists, technology an d design can be integrated properly. Through our years of experience in various technical installations we are able to provide tailor-made solutions for your project. This can be a complete home cinema room or theater in which design and technology are mixed, so that everything fits your needs and requirements. Through cooperation with regular partners ( your dream can be realized. And by joining our specialty we offer a complete design. All this of course starts with a survey interview. In this interview to gether with our architect a complete space can be mapped so that design and engineering in every detail are matched. Throughout the process, you have one permanent contact person.

T E C H N I C - Henk van Ommeren

When it gets dark, your curtains will close automatically. When you come home late at night, the lights will be burning in the hallway. If you go out the door, the alarm system will automatically switches on and the other devices will turn off. That is Domotica: smart soluti ons in home, business or institution that provide more comfort, convenience and safety. Domotica is also future-oriented and energy-efficient. With a domotica system, both your comfort and safety will increase. Th rough simple adjustments you operate your home remotely and with one press of a button turns your ho me into the setting you want. Through smart programming you will save on energy costs and you will h ave a clear view of it all. For example, let your heating, air conditioning and blinds cooperate.